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Week commencing 6th November 2023 - Acorns 25.

Welcome to our blog post.

We have had a wonderful week learning about Diwali.

The children made Diya Lamp out of clay.

They were given a ball of clay and were able to use their hands to mould the clay into pot shapes whilst some of the other children pushed a cup into the clay to form the shapes.

We have been learning a Diwali song at circle time.

"It's Diwali, It's Diwali

lots of light, lots of light

lighting all the candles, lighting all the candles

burning bright, burning bright

It's Diwali, It's Diwali

Everyone, everyone

fireworks and presents, fireworks and presents

lots of fun, lots of fun.

The children enjoyed decorating a Remembrance Poem that was written by Mrs Irwin.

They dipped their fingers into bright red paint to make prints and then put little black prints in the middle.

The pictures are beautiful. Well done everyone !

We enjoyed a walk to the village to see the Ducks.

Some children spotted large poppies on posts around the village.

We visited The Royal British Legion tent and Mrs Neve kindly gave the children some money each to put into the bucket.

Thank you Mrs Neve !

The weather has not been brilliant this week but we thankfully were able to dodge the showers and spent time in our garden.

We enjoyed music and movement games.

We listened to action songs and did some dancing.

Sleepy Bunnies & Row, Row, Row your boat.

We measure and poured lentils different pots, cups and scoops.

The children also experimented with playdough this week - by mid week the two were combined and we had lumpy lentil playdough!

Paper Lanterns - we practiced our scissor skills and made some lovely lanterns.

We celebrated a birthday this week - Happy Birthday !!

Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Diwali Everyone.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns Team.


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