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Week commencing 6th May 2024 - Acorns 25

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to our blog post.

We hope you all enjoyed the lovely long weekend.

Tuesday -

Mrs Finko brought something very special in today to show us.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs and Easter bread.

Easter is celebrated on the 5th May in Ukraine.

The brown eggs were dyed using onion skins.

The pink eggs were dyed using food colouring and beeswax was used to create the spots as it stops the dye from working.

One of the eggs had a clear plastic film over the top which created the embroidery pattern.

Mrs Finney brought in a big rake for us to look at and we made our own leaf collectors out of cardboard.

We converted old cereal boxes.

We took our inventions out to the garden to collect the leaves that had fallen and whilst scooping up the leaves we managed to find some hidden treasure.

A shoelace !!

Everyone thought it was very funny.

How did it get there?

We work hard to teach the children about respecting our space and equipment. The children like to get involved with simple maintenance tasks.

They help to clean the toys, sweep the leaves and even learn to use tools such as screwdrivers to fix things.

We handprinted some sun flowers which will be displayed in the cloakroom for all to see.

It was a messy task but we had lots of fun doing it.

We hope you love the pictures.

The children spent lots of time outside in the garden enjoying the warmer weather.

They rode on the bikes and trikes, splashed in the water tray and made cakes in the outdoor kitchen.

Wednesday -

Our friend brought in some flowers for us to enjoy - they are very beautiful. Thank you.

We have loved looking at them and talking about the petals, stems and leaves.

We had a great time exploring and experimenting in the garden today.

We had the guttering out and were using it as a ramp for our cars.

Some cars were fast and some were slow - we wondered why?

The children worked out that the higher the guttering was at one end, the faster the cars would travel.

We have been learning some new songs.

Flower Pot Rock and I Dig My Garden.

Mrs Finney is a very good singer and knows lots of amazing songs.

Thank you for teaching us them.

Mrs Neve measured all the children and compared with the measurements taken in January - Some children have grown by 5cm - WOW !

Thursday -

The sun was shining again today so we spent lots more time outside in the garden.

The children have been helping to apply their own sun cream, rubbing it into their arms and legs.

Can we ask that everyone brings sun protection and sun hats from now.

Please remember to name everything.

We noticed a few bees flying around our bug hotel.

They were buzzing around really fast so we weren't able to snap a photo to share.

The children were delighted to think that bugs and mini-beasts were enjoying the hotel.

They were over the moon to see a gigantic bumble bee

"It is huge." TS

Friday -

Ms Chadd did some more sunflower painting with the children. The flowers are up on display now and look fabulous.

They really brighten up the entrance - Well Done Team !

The children had fun with stickle bricks and stackable pegs.

Look how tall this tower is.

It was very wobbly.

We enjoyed lots of singing, our new songs as well as some old favourites.

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

Sleeping bunnies.

The hello Song.

Thank you for reading our blog.

Have a happy weekend.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 25 Team.


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