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Week commencing 6th May 2024 - Acorns 59

We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and that you managed to stay warm and dry during the rainy weather on Monday.


We were all pleased to be back at The Acorns on Tuesday and were delighted to see that the weather seems to have finally dried up.

Our letter of the week is Cc.

During our carpet times we learned the phonics song about Clicking Castanets.

We found some castanets in our instrument box and played them whilst singing the song.

The children thought of lots of things that begin with the letter C.







We each took a turn to write the letter on our whiteboard.

This week the children have really enjoyed mark making – some of our school leavers have developed a deeper interest in making marks and have even been learning how to write their friends and families names as well as their own.

“Mrs Franks  – How do I write Emma … Does it start with E?”

"What letter does Mummy start with?"

The whiteboards are always very popular and we have tried so hard this week to not lose the lids from the pens – it’s a work in progress.

We have enjoyed lots of time in the garden this week playing and exploring.

We planted some flowers and vegetables.

We went on bug hunts and found creatures living in the garden.

The children decided to make a mini bug hotel so they went off to find twigs, leaves and rocks.

Miss Searle helped to tie it all together with string to create a cosy space for our minibeasts to rest.

We played in the water trays – pouring and mixing water using different tubs and pots.

The water play helped to keep us cool in the sunshine.

"I hope this dinosaur can swim." SC - adding dinos into the water.

"I am testing what sinks, Oh, this flower is like waterproof. It doesn't get wet." RJR

"I'm washing the dinosaurs." DC

"Lets mix the colours to see what happens." WLJ

We did some observational painting in the garden.

Mrs Franks picked one of the small yellow poppies and together we looked carefully at its long thin stem and bright petals.

Some children counted the petals "1,2,3,4"

We love being outside and the learning opportunities are endless.

Can we ask that everyone brings in a named bottle of sun protection and a hat please from now on.

We love spending time outside and keeping our skin safe in very important.

The teachers keep an eye on the UV index and we try to limit time in full sun and entice children into the shade with fun and exciting opportunities to play.

We ask that you apply sunscreen before coming to The Acorns and we will reapply as necessary throughout the day.

Finally, a big Thank You from Mrs Franks.

This week I celebrated my Acorns Anniversary - I have been teaching children here for 10 years.

It has been a joy to be at The Acorns and I have learnt so much during my time here.

I have wonderful colleagues who have become lovely friends and have seen hundreds of children pass through the doors. All of which have become my bestest little buddies!

It has been a pleasure to a play a small role in their life and learning journey and I hope to be at The Acorns for many more years to come.

Mrs Irwin is taking me out to celebrate with a lovely afternoon tea @ South Lodge this weekend.

Thank you so much for the lovely cards, letters and artwork that was collected into a lovely scrapbook for me - I really appreciate it and I will treasure it forever.

I must admit, the quotes from the children made me shed a tear or two !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Enjoy the sunshine and we will see you next week for more games, learning and fun.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 59 Team.


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