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Week commencing 15th April 2024 - Acorns 25

Welcome back everyone.

We hope you enjoyed a lovely Easter break.

The children all settled back in to life at The Acorns very well after the holidays.

We were excited to have some new friends start and the children helped to settle them in showing great kindness.

On Monday Mrs Neve had planned an activity with the children - they made minty potato salad.

The children used peelers and knives to prep their potatoes.

They handled their tools safely and listened well to instructions.

Everyone got to take home a jar of delicious potato salad - they were so proud of themselves. Rightly so!

On Tuesday Mrs Finney brought in some new diggers, bulldozers and tipper trucks.

The children used them in the tough tray with play dough.

They made small rocks, big rocks, bumpy rocks and explore how many rocks they could fit into the scoops of the diggers.

They flattened the play dough and used the tyres on the vehicles to make tracks.

The babies and dinosaurs needed a wash - so we got busy with soapy bubbles and cloths in the garden.

Brilliant team work and now are toys are sparkling !

On Wednesday the children enjoyed lots of free play - choosing their own toys and equipment.

Duplo was a firm favourite and the children worked hard to build tall towers and sturdy walls.

It was a lovely day so the children spent lots of time outdoors - singing, playing group games and making music with the hanging saucepans.

On Thursday we sang lots of songs during our carpet time.

We sang nursery rhymes, the days of the week song, our good morning song ... Do the children sing these songs at home? We would love to know.

We practised our counting.

The sun was shining so we spent lots of time outside again.

We even had snack in the garden.

On Friday the children enjoyed more free play, singing and garden time.

They listened to a story about the hungry caterpillar and 10 little ladybugs.

They did some finger painting on flower shapes, dipping their fingers, identifying colours, exploring and experimenting as the colours mixed together.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 25 Team.


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