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Week commencing 22nd April 2024 - Acorns 59

Welcome to this week’s blog post.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week and having a sneak peak into what we have been up to at The Acorns 59.

The letter of the week is Aa

We have enjoyed singing the jolly phonics song – Ants on my arm.

Have the children been singing it for you at home?

Each week we all take a turn to write the letter on our white board.


We spent some time thinking of things that begin with the letter and working out which of our friends names begin with that letter.

“My dad is called Adam.”

“My Mummy is called Agata”

“That’s in my name – Audrey.”

“My name has that letter at the end.”


We have a special yoga book that shows us yoga poses for each letter of the alphabet.

This week we learnt the Armadillo pose – the children got down on their knees and arched their backs.

During our carpet times we talk about the weather, the days of the week, we count the children together, sing songs and discuss our weekly theme.

This week we have been learning about Poland.

Thank you to Agata for all her help and support this week and for bringing in some delicious food for the children to try and some lovely activities for us. We appreciate your help.

We found Poland on our globe and the children talked about how we could travel there.

Would we need a car, train or a plane?

We learnt to say Hello in Polish.

Dzień dobry

Miss Searle made some Polish paper craft book marks with us – The children used cut out paper shapes, card and sticky glue to create their book marks.

We also did some more art work for the library display which will be going up next week – we made some lady birds and bumble bees.

We have welcomed some new friends this week and some children have moved up from number 25 –  We hope you all enjoy your time at The Acorns 59.

We have spent lots of time in the garden this week.

We did some Yoga.

We played some ring games, zipped down the slide, used bats and balls, ran, jumped and climbed.

Physical play and time outdoors is so important to the children. It allows them time to move freely without restriction.

Over the next few weeks we will be working with the children to add some new areas into the garden for the summer term – Miss Drake is keen to add a water wall. Watch this space !

If anyone has off cuts of pipes or guttering – we would love to repurpose it into something fabulous.  We are also looking for tumble dryer bendy hoses. If you have any spares in your shed or garage and would like to donate them we would be very grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post.

We appreciate your comments, feedback and ideas.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 59 Team.



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