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Week commencing 29th April 2024 - Acorns 25

Welcome to our blog post.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week.


Our project this week is New Zealand and the letter of the week is Bb


Monday –

We enjoyed some free play indoors first thing followed by songs and stories.

The children love singing their Good Morning Song.

The sun was shining so after snack the children went out side to play in the garden.

It was a bit dirty out there so we all helped to clean up with brooms and brushes.

They had lots of fun playing on the slide, trampoline and ride on toys.

We noticed 2 big seagulls sitting on the roof and we also found a bee that was trying to swim !!


Tuesday –

Mrs Finney brought in a Kiwi fruit for the children.

The children passed it around and felt the skin, talking about how it felt.

Mrs Finney then cut it up and the children enjoyed having a taste.

We looked at a picture of a Kiwi Bird and thought it was funny that they had the same name.

We used a potato to print on paper to create our own Kiwi birds.

The sun was shining again and we had fun in the garden setting up our new tent and playing with the water and guttering.


Wednesday –

We chatted more about New Zealand and the children were able to recall the name of the bird we introduced.

We finger painted some sheep and learned that New Zealand has many sheep farms.

There are roughly 6 times more sheep than people in NZ.

We spent more time in the garden enjoying the new tent – what a brilliant addition to our space.


Thursday –

Mrs Irwin and Mrs Finko took some children to the garden that we help to look after at the Dr Surgery.

We like to go and check to see what is growing, if there are any weeds and to make sure it looks nice, tidy and cheerful.

We always check for dinosaur bones too !

We always enjoy the walk to the surgery and stop to chat to passers by.

We find treasures and exciting things to look at on the way.

"Its a big puddle."

Mrs Irwin also took some children to The Polling Station so that they could see inside.

Mrs Irwin was handing in her postal vote and had to fill in a special form.

The helpers at the station brought chairs for the children to sit on and they watched as people came and went.

They know that we are voting for someone to help the Police.

Friday -

On Friday we made paper aeroplanes with Mrs Neve and Ms Chadd.

We know that to visit New Zealand we would need to travel on a plane as it is very far away.

We had a great time flying our planes around.

Quiz Time …

Mrs Irwin has taken some photos of plants & flowers in Denmans Lane and we wonder if your children will be able to recognise them and name them.

Here is this weeks picture

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Enjoy the bank holiday !

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 25 Team.



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