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Week commencing 18th March 2024 - Acorns 59

Welcome to our weekly blog post.

This week we have been learning all about Iran.

It has been a special week and we have celebrated Nowruz which is the Iranian New Year.

The children have been busy colouring flags to decorate the nursery.

"We haven't seen a flag like this before."

"Why are all the flags different?"

We have had them displayed in the kitchen for everyone to see.


We learnt about the Haft-Seen Table which has seven items on it that all begin with the letter S.

Each item symbolises something like health, beauty, new beginnings, growth and patience.


Apple (Seeb) symbolises good health – We had fun printing with apples.


Mona brought us in a very special Haft-Seen tray for us to have on our table all week.


We have enjoyed eating lots of yummy food this week.

Thank you to Mona for helping with our menu this week and for cooking for us all on Tuesday.

The kebabs were delicious !


We have spent lots of time in the garden enjoying some lovely sunshine.


In Iran families prepare for Nowruz celebrations by cleaning their homes and environments.

It’s called ‘Shaking down the house’

We shook down our garden together … everyone was given a cloth and we had a tough tray full of warm soapy bubbles.

We cleaned our garden toys, chalkboards, benches and even the flowerpots.

We apologise for the soggy coats !

We jumped over the fire – not a real fire, of course !!

People jump over the fire in the hope of cleaning themselves of all the misfortunes and impurities of the past year and to get ready to welcome the coming New Year and to wish for enlightenment and happiness.

"Don't burn your bottom."

"Why isn't it a real fire?"

"Can I have another turn please?"

"Hmmmm .... I think a real fire would be a bit dangerous."

We have spent some time practicing our letter of the week.

This week the letter is X

The children have loved using the whiteboard to write the weekly letters.

"X marks the spot."

"It's like a kiss."

"No - It isnt a kiss, its a cross."

"I can do it ... it is two lines that go over."

Our kindness tree is filling up with lots of lovely handprints.

Please remember to share moments of kindness with us so we can add them to our tree.

Fun in the garden ..

Exploring instruments with Miss Searle.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

We will see you next week for more fun, learning, adventures and kindness.

Next week we will be celebrating Holi - The Festival of Colour.

We will also be enjoying some Easter Crafts.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 59n Team.


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