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Week commencing 18th March 2024 - Acorns 25

What a busy, exciting and fun week.


On Monday we had a wonderful time making kites.

We decided to go on an adventure and fly our kites so we headed over to the common.

The grass on the common was soggy, squelchy and boggy but it didn’t stop us from having a great time running around.

We also visited the playground where we explored all of the equipment.

The slides, swings and roundabouts were firm favourites.

Mrs Irwin is helping us to learn how to swing ourselves by moving our legs backwards and forwards on the swings.


When we got back to The Acorns Mrs Neve made some spirograph pictures with the older children. Great co-ordination and pencil control.


On Tuesday Mrs Finney set up an activity for the children.

She had brought in a huge suitcase filled with items.

Firstly the children looked through the case and named all of the items, there were summer clothes and winter clothes.  Hats, mittens, t-shirts, waterproofs …

They then sorted them out and packed the things they thought they might need to take with them if they were travelling to Iran.

“We need suncream so the sun doesn’t burn you.”

“That is a spade for digging.”

“Is it a t-shirt or a jumper ? – It’s a t-shirt because it has short sleeves.”

The children enjoyed handling all of the items and exploring.

On Wednesday – We celebrated Nowruz which is the Iranian New Year.

It was a lovely sunny day so we spent lots of time out in the garden.

One of the children found a snail inside one of the tractor toys so we all watched as it crawled and moved up the frame of the tractor.

Can you spot the snail?

We had an outdoor singing session and made lots of sounds with spoons and metal utensils.

This is also part of traditional Nowruz celebrations.

We noticed the different sounds we could make, some high and some low.

The children have been learning a new song – its called Flower Pot Rock. I wonder if they can sing it for you at home?


On Thursday we celebrated a birthday with a delicious snack of chocolate croissants.

We all sang Happy Birthday to our friend !

Mrs Neve brought in a pomegranate which is the national fruit of Iran

“Its got red juice.”

“Its hard.”

“It looks like an apple but its not.”

Most of the children were happy to taste the yummy fruit – Delicious !


On Friday the children enjoyed more time outside. The weather wasn’t so nice but the drizzle didn’t stop them exploring the garden.

We had a new friend come to visit for some settling in sessions this week and look forward to them starting after the Easter Break.

The children showed great kindness to our new friend, shared well and took turns.

Well done Team Acorns !!


Here are a few extra pics from our week.

Next week we will be celebrating Holi - The Festival of Colour.

We will also be doing some fun Easter Crafts.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 25 Team.


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