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Week commencing 5th July 2021 - Lindfield.

This week our focus has been on Physical Development – Moving and Handling.

Within our weeks continuous play provisions we have provided lots of opportunities for physical play.

We have observed the children closely.

· Do they run/jump/climb safely?

· How do they manage steps?

· Can they negotiate space, avoiding obstacles?

· Can they catch a ball and kick a ball towards a target?

· How do they hold a pencil and are they showing a preference for a dominant hand?

· Do they explore malleable materials?

· Can they use tools?

It has been ‘Sports Week’ at The Acorns.

Each Day the children who are leaving to go to big school have had the chance to get themselves changed into their PE kits.

They have been learning to put their clothes safely back into their bags and to make sure they hang their bags back onto their pegs.

We have been celebrating sports this week with lots of time outside playing games, running races and completing obstacle courses.

We balanced bean bags on our heads, threw balls and beanbags into hoops, hopped, jumped and skipped.

We had so much fun!

Our bodies are amazing!

We celebrated some birthdays this week at The Acorns.

We played pass the parcel, danced, sang, ate cakes and had a wonderful time.

Thank you for sharing your parties with us.

Happy Birthday!

We made our own sandwiches for lunch on what would have been our sports day picnic at Westmeston.

We had lots of lovely things to choose from.

Egg mayo, tuna, cheese, ham, cucumber and marmite......

“Can I have everything?”

“I only like cheese and cucumber.”

“May I have cheese in my sandwich?”

We used our knives to cut the sandwiches into squares or traingles.

The children loved making their own lunch.

We built a den and played with cardboard boxes.

In the garden we found something very special indeed.

Take a look …

On Friday, Edward put on a gymnastics show in the garden, his friends all watched as he did cartwheels, headstands, flips and jumps.

He then went on to teach the children how to do some moves – We love doing star jumps!

Please remember we are closed in Lindfield on Friday 16th July and all of the children who usually attend are invited to Westmeston for the day.

Children who are leaving for school are invited to a leavers party at Westmeston between 2-4pm on Friday.

Enjoy the Football … Although it is painful for Mrs Franks to write this (I am from Scotland) ....



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