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Week commencing 13th May 2024 - Acorns 59.

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to our blog post.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week and we look forward to your comments.


Our letter of the week is 'Dd'

We asked the children if they could think of anything that began with the letter and here are some of their answers.  

“Dinosaur.”     SC

“Dolly.”     EB

“Daddy.”     RJR

“Delicate”      WLJ

“Dolphin”      EWCC

“Dragon.”     RR

As always – we had a go at writing the letter on the whiteboard. This one was actually a bit tricky for us.

“It's like a line and then a little circle at the end.”

We have been singing the Jolly Phonics D song. It’s about playing drums.

We really enjoy the letter songs and often ask to sing them at circle time.

We have been learning some new songs this week - ask us about the Flower Pot Rock song and we might show you our jazz hands.

Mrs Franks made some playdough with the help of a friend who carefully measured out the ingredients into cups.

He chose a candy floss pink colour for the dough.

We decided to take it out to the garden to play and we added some herbs, leaves & twigs to the play tray.

The children made some amazing models.

"Look, its a hedgehog now." ES

"I think I am making a pizza." AP

This week we enjoyed lots of time in the garden – we still had some digging to do to prepare our areas for planting !

Mrs Drake planted some seeds with us – we are hoping to grow some beans.

We filled our pots with soil and popped a seed inside, gave it some water and found a sunny spot for the pots to sit. We will keep checking on them to see if they need watering.

The children will be able to take them home when they start to grow.

We have a little craft project going that will run for a few weeks – each week we will add another element to our picture.

This week we stuck down our flower pots and filled them with soil (sponge painting) before adding a little seed.

We wonder what we will do next week ? Can you guess?

We enjoyed painting inside and out this week – we used flower stampers and rollers to make marks on our paper as well as items that we collected from the garden.

We had some very special news to share at the beginning of the week.

Do you remember when some children made marmalade with Mrs Neve a few weeks ago ?

Mrs Neve sent a jar of our Acorns marmalade away to The Worlds Original Marmalade Awards to be tasted (without telling us) and we have received some amazing news !!

We won a SILVER AWARD !!

The children were sent a lovely certificate and were given some feedback on their marmalade.

Well done team and thank you to Mrs Neve for surprising us with this.



Mrs Irwin has been out on the lane taking photos of things she spots on her walk from The Acorns 59 – 25.

Can you name this yellow flower?

She spotted something else that was very interesting … What do you think is going on here?


Here are a few more photos from our week for you to enjoy.

Have a wonderful and happy weekend everyone.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 59 Team.

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17 mai

What a lovely week! Congratulations on the Marmalade award!

The letter writing was seen at home when AB decided to spell out a D from pegs when we hung out the washing - I had wondered why he chose that letter and now I know why!

Well done Acorns team on everything you do for our children- your hard work translates to home!

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