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Week commencing 13th May 2024 - Acorns 25

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to our blog post.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week and we look forward to your comments.

Monday -

We enjoyed our morning carpet time and sang some lovely songs together.

*Baa Baa Black Sheep

*Humpty Dumpty

*Wind the Bobbin Up

The children are really finding their voices now, they love to sing and participate actively during our together times.

Action songs are a firm favourite.

Which songs do you sing at home ? We would love to know what your favourites are.

The children had a great time painting with Ms Chadd.

We had picked some wild daisies for the children to look at and to paint.

They used a mixture of brushes and fingers to paint the pretty flowers.

We all enjoyed looking at books and reading together.

We are learning to take good care of our books and to turn individual pages with care.

Tuesday -

The children spent some time looking at the trees outside and noticed many different shades of green.

We decided to try and create the colours ourselves by mixing paints together.

We added white to lighten the green.

We used broccoli to paint our very own trees.

We thought it was very funny that broccoli looks like mini trees.

The pictures are brilliant !

We had some planting to do in the garden but first we needed to construct the new frame for our beans to grow on.

We hope they grow as tall as Jack's Beanstalk.


The children played outside in the gorgeous sunshine and had a wonderful time playing with the guttering and water.

The water helped to keep us cool.

We planted some tomato seeds and beans in plastic cups and pots - We will nurture our plants here at the nursery.

The children will water them each day.

For lunch we ate Mrs Finney's special Tuna Pasta - It was delicious !!

If you would like the recipe - please ask.

Thursday -

It was a very wet rainy day today so we spent some time indoors baking with Mrs Neve.

We made banana bread cupcakes. Yummy !

We helped to measure the ingredients and mix them together before scooping it into the cases. We then baked them in the oven.

We were very excited to try them.


We enjoyed building towers with the wooden blocks today - we worked as a team to build some very tall towers.

In the outdoor kitchen we made pancakes.

We scooped up some leaves and added them to our pots and pans.

Lots of stirring and mixing - great fun had by all.

We came up to Acorns 59 after lunch and enjoyed some time in the garden. It was a beautiful afternoon!


Mrs Irwin has been out on the lane taking photos again.

Can you name this yellow flower?

She also spotted something interesting on her walk from Acorns 59 to Acorns 25 -

What do you think is going on here?

Perhaps we can talk about it next week at The Acorns.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 25 Team.


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