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Week commencing 28th March 2022 - Lindfield.

Welcome to our Blog post.

This week we have been learning all about Kenya

We know that Kenya is in Africa and that Africa is a Continent.

We were able to find Africa on our globe and on the map.

We started the week by decorating some flags.

We used colouring pencils and looked carefully at the flag to try and make sure you got the colours in the right places - It was tricky!

Monday was Safari Day.

The children worked hard in the morning to make binoculars and then in the afternoon, we went out on safari to try and spot some animals in the wild.

Warren's mummy sent in soo many wonderful things for us to do.

Puzzles, Games, Puppets, Cards, Animals and Maps.

Thank you so much!

We sampled some great food this week.

Warren was excited for us to try Wimbi - It is a porridge type dish made from finger millet flour and it was super yummy. The children (mostly) enjoyed it and some even had seconds and thirds !

We also made mbaazi which was very tasty. The dish is made from pigeon peas which we soaked overnight and boiled for a few hours before making a delicious creamy coconut sauce.

If anyone would like the recipe so you can try it at home- just ask.

Warren's mummy (Catherine) made us some bread to serve along with the dish and it was soo lovely. The children really enjoyed it.

We did lots of puzzles, both insert board and on the floor.

The 100 piece giant floor puzzle was a task ... but we got there in the end. Well done Team!

We experimented with traditional musical instruments - enjoying exploring the sounds we could make.

We had fun learning about the animals we might find in Kenya and played a fun game using a map - in the box of animals there were a few that were not native to Africa.

The children were quick to work out that a Polar Bear would not live in Kenya.

Catherine came in to tell us a story about the great migration of wildebeests.

The children loved seeing all the photos she had brought in. We learnt soo much.

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who brought things in from home to support our learning this week. We really appreciate it.

We hope everyone enjoyed Kenya week as much as we did.

Thank you for reading.

Here are just a few more photos from our week.


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