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Week commencing 24th May 2021 - Lindfield.

Week commencing 24th of May 2021 – Lindfield.

Our focus this week has been Expressive Arts and Design – Exploring using Media and Materials.

Within our continuous play provision this week we offered many opportunities for the children to be creative.

We have observed …

· Do the children join in singing favourite songs?

· Do they show an interest in experimenting with musical instruments?

· Do they use various construction materials?

· Can they describe textures?

· Do they understand that tools can be used for a purpose?

· Can they manipulate materials to achieve a planned effect?

· Do they explore what happens when colours are mixed?


Here are a few ideas of things you can do at home to support and enable your child to explore and experiment in this area.

· Listen to music and dance with your child.

· Introduce new vocabulary to enable your child to talk about textures.

· Provide resources for mixing colours together.

· Supply tape, glue and junk for them to model with.

· Allow them to use tools and teach them to use them safely. At The Acorns we use scissors, rulers, staplers and hole punches.

We explored colour this week.

Firstly, we read a book all about colours and then we experimented.

We guessed what colours we could make and were excited to see the colour change as we mixed the paints together.

“I wonder what will happen if we mix blue and yellow?”

We had fun box modelling this week too.

Our creations were marvellous and the children were so proud of their models.

Our junk trunk is almost empty again, so please collect together your boxes and tubs over the half term so we can fill it up on our return.

The children used glue and tape to stick their pieces together, they have been working out if they need single sided or double-sided tape, runny glue or glue sticks.

We even used a stapler (with support) to join boxes together.

Miss Reay made us some lovely play dough this week.

It was super soft and we played with it when it was still warm to the touch.

We used lots of tools – rolling pins, cutters and our hands!

Look what we created.

We enjoyed dressing up this week.

We also had something very special happen.

Our wiggly caterpillars have turned in butterflies and on Friday we were able to release them into the garden.

We have watched them closely over the last few weeks and Mrs Voller has been talking to us about them each day -observing them as the grew bigger, made cocoons, dried out and transformed.

It has been amazing to watch and we were so happy to watch the process.

Thank You Mrs Voller for sharing this with us.

During the week we also enjoyed a few walks into the village, lots of garden time, music sessions, stories and free play.

Here are a few more photos ...

Is there anything you would like to see within the blog in the future ?

Less/more text, more photos, ideas for home learning and fun activities?

More information about the EYFS?

We feel the blog is a valuable way of sharing our week with parents and are always looking for ways to evolve, change and to be better.

Any ideas are welcome, please speak to Mrs Franks.

We hope everyone enjoyed the week - learned something new and had lots not fun.

Have a very happy half term!


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