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W/C 15th May 2023 @ Acorns 25 - Water Play

The children enjoyed water play in the garden. A simple activity but one that allows us, as practitioners to make lots of observations.

We look at how the children explore the water, pushing toys under the water, pouring water from different containers, and making the play figures splash and balance on plates.

The children build their knowledge of the world around them by using their senses to explore the water, touching and feeling, listening to the water and watching the water, ripple and splash.

This group of children pretended that the plates were boats and used their imaginations to build a small play world. They used their social skills to practice playing with each other and elaborating their ideas to develop and continue their game.

They also used a great deal of vocabulary and language during their play, this for some children meant narrating their play and for the younger children learning new words.


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