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September Blog - Acorns 25

Welcome to our blog post.

Wow, what a wonderful first few weeks at The Acorns 25.

We have enjoyed welcoming back old friends, new friends, families and also new staff members this term.

We have spent the first few weeks getting to know each other and settling in to our new routines.

The children have been amazing – they seem happy, engaged and settled throughout the day.

They have enjoyed exploring the nursery and the equipment as well as the garden.

We work hard to create an environment which is safe, happy, stimulating and enabling for our children.

Some of the children went to visit our garden at the Dr’s Surgery. They noticed that EVERYTHING had grown so much over the summer and realised that some hard work was needed to get it looking fabulous again.

They found a few potatoes when digging around which were small but perfectly formed - we hope to find more when we dig a little deeper.

We have loved searching for bugs, mini beasts and creepy crawlies. We found woodlouse, worms and a snail.

Our focus for the first few weeks of term has been learning all about ourselves, our emotions and our families.

We enjoyed reading about the colour monsters and the children went on to paint their own.

The children have had a wonderful time role playing families in our home corner.

“You can be the sister.”

“I am the Daddy and you are the Mummy.”

We have enjoyed lots of time in the garden exploring our outdoor area.

Here are a few pictures.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our week and from now we will be writing a weekly blog.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Weekend !!


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