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Westmeston - Destination India

This week we journeyed to India and what a bright colourful week we have had.

We were so lucky to have a visit from Amar’s Daddy. Thank you very much for coming in.

He bought us some amazing clothes to wear ...

Indian sweeties to try...

And a special conch shell that made a great loud noise.

He even read a story in Bengali, Stick Man, a favourite with the children.

The children have made flags, Indian elephants and decorated handprints with Henna designs.

It’s been a fabulous week and the children’s enthusiasm for learning about new places and cultures is infectious.

The children have enjoyed yoga most days, they had to try hard to balance during some of the movements. Yoga helps the children to develop strength and flexibility while boosting self-esteem and increasing body awareness, mindfulness, and concentration.

We have had lots of water play which helps us develop physical skills. Carrying buckets of water and pouring requires muscle strength and coordination. The children also build mathematical concepts as they fill and empty containers, learning about volume, weight and capacity. The water also provides sensory stimulation and is great social activity for all children.

Group story time is always special and relaxing. Each day the children have quiet time to enjoy books they choose independently and then we share a story together. Engaging in stories helps children to build new vocabulary, understand questions, build attention skills and develop communication and language.

Friday sunshine was still here so we enjoyed another glorious walk up the mountain and this week we tried to spot signs of spring. We found some daisies, lots of mud, walnut shells, tweeting birds, pregnant sheep and a few daffodils.

Next week Great Britain, I wonder what we will discover.


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