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Week Commencing the 7th June 2021 @ Westmeston

This week our focus has been Understanding the World.

We linked this area of development with World Ocean Day. We have had lots of fun learning about the creatures that live in the sea and how to clean up our oceans, so they are safe places for all the fish and sea creatures to live.

We talked about all the rubbish in the sea, and we made our own ocean. Using nets and small tongs to help with fine motor skills, the children removed the rubbish and untangled the sea creatures. We talked about the importance of always taking rubbish home with us when we go to the beach.

We had lots of discussions too about what we can see and find in the Ocean and what we might need on a desert island when we would be surrounded by ocean....” I would take water because its hot in the desert.”

The sun shone for us this week and we played with the water run. The children experimented, pouring the water down the run to fill up the tray at the bottom. They were engrossed as they emptied and filled containers, transporting water in different ways.

This week has been rather crafty too, with the children creating jellyfish, sun-catcher rainbow fish and octopus’ creatures. They concentrated brilliantly and showed great attention to detail. We hung some of the jellyfish in the trees. They looked really pretty, and we watched them blowing in the wind.

On Friday we had a beautiful walk to the woods where the children were challenged to find an item, we would later use in an experiment to test floating and sinking. The children managed to predict correctly all of the items we tested: some budding scientists perhaps. The experiment encouraged children to talk about the items they found, describing them, and comparing them, before sorting them into the sink or float categories.

We even managed to fit in some mathmatics.

Here are some extra photos of our lovely week.

Let’s hope the sunshine continues for next week too. Please remember sun hats and sun cream!

Have a lovely weekend and please always take all your rubbish home with you when you go out.



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