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Week commencing 8th March 2021 - Lindfield.

Our focus for the week is Communication and Language – Listening and attention.

We observed …

* Do the children show interest in playing with and exploring sounds?

* Do they listen to our stories and can they join in with repeated refrains?

* Do they recall key characters and events from stories we have previously told?

* Can they follow directions?

* Can they focus their attention?

* Can they sit quietly and maintain focus during age appropriate activities?

If you have any questions regarding the Early Years Foundation Stage please speak to Mrs Franks who will happily chat to you about it.

We observe the children to see where they are on their learning journey, to see if they need specific support in any areas and to celebrate their achievements.

You are always welcome to view your children’s observations books.

With drop off and pick up times looking a bit different at the moment due to Covid restrictions, the opportunity to chat (in private) to your child’s key worker is a bit tricky on a day to day basis but please feel assured that we would always welcome a phone call if there is something you would like to discuss.

This week we have seen lots of different weathers.

It’s has been brilliant bright sunshine, chilly, super windy and rainy.

We have talked about the seasons and what typical weather we can expect from each.

We know that is now Spring time and that the weather (should) be getting nicer.

“Will I still need a coat?”

“I might still need to wear my wellies and I wented into the puddles today to splash.”

The slide remains a favourite.

We are very good at lining up and waiting to take our turn.

We played ball games, throwing and catching with our friends. We even tried playing catch with a space hopper!

The mud kitchen has been a hive of activity – soups, smoothies, cakes and pies have been on the menu this week. Mmmm Yummy!

WE had fun on the bikes and trikes too.

We enjoyed playing group games and doing large floor puzzles this week in small groups.

Small group work / team work encourages conversations to take place and allows friendships to form and strengthen.

Does your child talk about their Acorns friends? We would love to know.

We did some large scale playing this week with giant blocks and interlinking shapes.

Look what we created!

We have been busy crafting our cards for Mother’s Day. The children spoke about why their Mums are special to them.

“She buys me a magazine.”

“She plays with me and my trains.”

“She gives me food.”

“We all are special in my family. We love each other.”

We enjoyed music sessions indoors and out this week with Miss Matthews. We have been working on rhythms and repetition.

We love playing the drums and guitars.

We have enjoyed free crafting and box modelling this week.

Our junk trunk is almost empty so please feel free to bring in some tubs, yoghurt pots and cereal boxes for us to craft with.

Miss Matthews specifically would love some cereal boxes so we can make guitars with the children.

We did some more planting this week.

We have sowed sunflower seeds and they are now in pots on the kitchen windowsill. The sunshine comes beaming through that window during the day. When they grow we will re plant them outdoors into the soil.

We wonder how tall they will grow!

In the childminding time we explored with magnetic wands and balls.

We also did some sewing.

Next Thursday (18th March) is our annual Parents Information Evening.

It is usually held at The Bent Arms but this year we are going digital !

Janet will be sending out an email invitation to our Zoom meeting over the next few days.

If there are any topics in particular that you would like discussed at the meeting please pop an email across to Mrs Irwin.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you have enjoyed seeing what we have been doing this week.

Please remember to leave us a little comment.

Stay safe and have a happy weekend.


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