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Week commencing 3rd June 2024 - Acorns 59

Welcome to our blog post.

This week we have been learning about the roots and shoots of our plants.

Over the last few weeks we have planted many things – beans, sunflowers, courgettes, peas, ferns, flowers etc.

We have enjoyed watching as the shoots begin to appear.

We know that roots grow downwards and shoots grow up.

Our courgette plant now has a bright flower which we were delighted to see - it must have grown during the half term.

We added the next element to our art work – the shoots.

The children decided how many shoots they wanted to paint.

“I am four so I am going to do four shoots”

“1.2.3 … Can I do one a bit longer?”

We have really enjoyed doing a section of this artwork each week and seeing our pictures grow.

It has really helped us to understand the growth cycle of a plant.

We enjoyed having a selection of creatures in the water tray.

We had frogs on lily pads.

Sea animals and creatures.

Mrs Franks was a bit sneaky and put in a few random farm animals to see if the children would spot that they don't belong in the water.

We had a great weather this week and we spent lots of time outside in the garden.

We did some yoga.

We practised our balancing.

We made lots of yummy things in the mud kitchen.

"I am making a cake with strawberries, chocolate and vanilla." WLJ

"This is a soufflé" RP

"It's a pizza for Ryan" EG

"Do you want a cup of tea ? It might have worms in it." AP

We did some great mark making on the giant chalkboard - with both chalk and paint brushes dipped into water.

We are also working on a project for fathers day and did some painting outside in the garden.

Hopefully these photos wont give too much away.

... and of course, we did lots of bouncing around.

Indoors, we made some fabulous necklaces.

Great small motor skill development activity - the children used their hand & eye coordination whilst threading the beads onto the strings.

We built towers and tried to make them as tall as us !!

The letter of the week is F.

I wonder if the children have been singing the F song.

I went to the beach with my friends

and my floating fish.

The fish went POP, the air came out,

it made a sound like this.

fffffff fffffffff fffffffff

Here are a few more photos from our week.

Look what we found in the shed part of the garden ... something very special.

We watched the Robin fly in and out.

"It has a red tummy."

"it isn't Christmas time?"

"I love that little bird."

Mrs Irwin has been out on the lane again this week and has taken this photo.

Does anyone know what this is ?

Please let us know next week and maybe have a look on the lane to see if you can spot it.

Mrs Neve was invited to The South of England Show to judge the cake decorations on Friday.

We hope that she had an amazing day at the show and look forward to hearing about it next week.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Also a special Thank You to the parents who have written a review for us on the Day Nurseries Website.

It's not too late - head over to the testimonials page on our website and click on the link to leave a review.

We really appreciate it.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 59 Team.

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Hannah Linklater-Johnson
Hannah Linklater-Johnson
Jun 09

What a fantastic week - the plant pictures are amazing, what a great idea for teaching the children about how they grow.

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