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Week commencing 23rd November - Westmeston

This week, our focus has been health and self-care. We were pleased that the children all knew the importance of washing their hands properly and could tell us some good hand washing songs. Here is one of our favourites, to the tune of Frère Jacques –

Tops and bottoms,

Tops and bottoms,

In between, in between,

Scrub them altogether,

Scrub them altogether,

Now they’re clean,

Squeaky clean.

We also looked at how to brush our teeth properly and used our giant model teeth and brush to practise. We used toothbrushes to clean off ‘germs’ from pictures of teeth and discussed visiting the dentist. The children all showed how wide they could open their mouths for the dentist!

The children enjoyed having a go at our pom pom sorting activity. They had to use tweezers to move the pom poms from the box to the correct colour section. This was a fantastic activity for finger strength, fine motor skills and colour recognition.

The children know that being active is an important part of keeping healthy and we are always on the go at Westmeston. We have a lot of outdoor play and the children love to use the equipment available.

The children enjoyed using our bucket of chalk in a variety of ways this week. They drew on the chalkboard, outside walls and path! The teachers drew a chalk race track for the children to whizz around on their scooters, bikes or feet!

And it turned out that the children enjoyed cleaning up the chalk with water and paintbrushes as much as drawing with it!

On Friday we completed some sand art. This involved peeling away sections of the pictures to reveal a sticky surface on which to put some coloured sand. It was a very messy process, but the results looked lovely.

We went to visit the horses again on our Friday walk, which involves climbing over lots of styles. The horses are so friendly and always come to say hello to us as we pass by.

The children had another fantastic play in the woods before heading down the track to Acorns. We were all very surprised to see that a huge tree had fallen across the path and it was quite an adventure finding a route around it.

We had a tasty treat for pudding on Friday thanks to one of the children who very kindly bought in some homemade pumpkin pies to celebrate Thanksgiving. Most of us hadn't tried pumpkin pies before and we thought they were delicious!

Another wonderful week. We can't believe we'll be heading into December next week! Please could we remind you to make sure that children bring in a named water bottle with them every day. Of course we provide them with cups of water if they forget, but it is much easier to manage everyone having their own drinks if they have water bottles. We look forward to seeing you next week.


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