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Week commencing 23rd January 2023 - Lindfield 59

Welcome to our weekly blog.

This week the children have enjoyed learning about Scotland.

Have you ever googled what the national animal of Scotland is ?

It is a Unicorn !

Mrs Franks comes from Aberdeen (North East Scotland) and was excited to talk to the children about her home country.

At the start of the week some children painted the Scottish flag.

We used sponges and bright blue paint.

The flags are on display within the nursery.

We ate haggis, neeps and tatties for lunch on Wednesday – which went down really well.

Some children even had seconds and thirds which surprised the teachers.

We have learnt some Scottish songs – Mrs Franks taught us Donald, where’s your trousers and Ally Bally Bee.

Perhaps the children will sing them to you at home?

We snacked on delicious shortbread which was brought in by Eve and Hamish. Thank You - It was yummy!!

We talked about tartan and Chloe came in wearing a tartan kilt which was great to see.

Mrs Franks also showed us some pictures of her wedding where all of the men wore kilts and tartan trousers . They looked very handsome and smart.

We listened to traditional music – played on bagpipes. It was lots of fun dancing to the music together.

We spoke about a friendly monster called Nessie who lives in a Loch.

“Nessie is a bit like a giant snake but is as old as the dinosaurs”

“Nessie moves like a wiggly worm”

"Nessie is friendly"

We used our playdough and some loose parts to create our very own Loch Ness Monsters.

Super creative!

We spent lots of time in the garden again this week, the frosts seem to have lifted and its been much milder.

Whilst in the garden, we noticed sometime rather exciting – snow drops are beginning to grow and our daffodils are also pushing up through the ground.

The mud kitchen and pirate ship remain firm favorite's in the garden, as well as the tough spot full of twigs, pebbles and tree bark for natural building opportunities.

We used chalk to make marks on the outdoor blackboard and some children came up with a very creative way of painting their nails using the chalk.

Next week – nature week.

We have lots of fun things planned.

Chloe's mummy is coming in to do some baking with us which we are very excited about.

If you would like to come in to do an activity or spend some time with our group you will be warmly welcomed.

Have a very happy weekend!

Mrs Franks and the Acorns 59 team.


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