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Week commencing 11th March 2024 - Acorns 25

This week we are celebrating Greece.

We made collages of the Greek National Flower and were surprised to find out that the flower used to grow at Westmeston - where our other nursery used to be.

It is called Bears Breech.

Perhaps you have it growing in your garden?

We would love to see some photos.

We had lots of fun in the garden and enjoyed playing music on our percussion instruments.

Some of the instruments made very loud noises like thunder and others made soft sounds like rain.

It was interesting to see the children experiment with the sounds they could make.

The children did another experiment - this time with daffodils.

They enjoyed looking closely at the flowers and made observations using wonderful language of what they could see.

"The daffodil is sucking up the water."

"Its got powdery stuff inside." (Pollen)

They poured water from jugs into cups and added some food colouring.

The children kept returning to the flowers to see if anything exciting had happened.

perhaps they will tell you all about it.

We made olive leaf headbands.

The children practised cutting along the line of the leaves that they had drawn.

We enjoyed Greek food this week - the children particularly enjoyed the Orzo on Wednesday.

Some of the older children enjoyed sorting, counting and matching activities this week.

Our friend brought in a Spot book written in Greek and we looked at the book together in the garden.

She also brought in a Greek Flag which we put up in the garden for everyone to see.

We tried to make our own flags using strips of paper and sticky glue.

Mrs Neve brought something rather special in for us.

We didn't know what it was.

"hard" "spiky" "rough" "a bit hairy."

She also brought in a hammer so we could open it ....

Any ideas?

A coconut!

It had a little face - which looked like a guinea pig - the children thought it was very funny.

What a wonderful week!

Here are a few extra pics ...

Thank you for reading our blog post.

We hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse into our week.

Next week - Iran.

We will be celebrating Nowruz - The New Year.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 25 Team.


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