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Week commencing 21st June @ Westmeston - Pets, Pets and more Pets!

What a lovely week building our communication and language skills.

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone for bringing in photos of your pets and favourite animals. We have had a lovely time sharing how special they are with each other. Children have shown great confidence and self-esteem, standing up in front of their friends to talk about their pets.

“Nala likes long walks”

“Frankie likes long walks too”

“Tiva is a rescue dog”

“Tramp goes outside and inside”

“Gili sleeps on the c


“Zach likes his toy hamster”

“Alfie likes to chase”

“A peacock has feathers like this”

“Gaus is eating my Daddys sock”

“I want to take Lightening on the train to London”

“Its a cat”

“He sleeps by the front door”

“Penny likes to sneak outside when we don’t look”

“He is a Springer Spaniel”

As well as talking about our pets, we have talked about what animals need to be healthy and happy.

The children have also role played with the vet’s clinic helping to look after the sick animals, checking the animal’s temperatures, giving them injections and medicine and of course removing thorns.

Sticking with our pet theme the children created cute bunnies and leaf animals.

Mrs Spencer, Mrs Voller and some children worked hard to make a new, exciting and sometimes loud music station. The children helped to saw off some branches from a long tree branch and then choose some pots and pans to hang up, add some sticks and we have a great new addition to the garden. This has been a lot of fun and the children have enjoyed seeing what sounds the items make, as well as pretending to be rock stars.

The children had a great walk to the woods where we managed to find another creature some wanted to keep as a pet! Can you see it?

In the woods we played a special listening game to help remind us that it is very important to listen for the whistle even if we are running, playing and having fun. The children had to return to teachers each time the whistle blew, it was great to see their response speed up as the game went on.

We even managed to find a sweetie shop in the trees.

Miss Matthew’s celebrated her birthday with us on Friday and of course we had lots of riding on the bikes and scooters.

Happy Weekend Everyone - See you next week!


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