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Week Commencing - 13.03.23 - Acorns 25

Week Commencing 13.03.23

This week we have been exploring shape. The children have played and constructed with magnetic shapes, foam blocks, wooden blocks and big blocks. They have built houses, rockets, towers, nursery buildings and flats.

The children identified shapes during a walk to the doctors garden, finding rectangle shaped doors and windows, circular drains and square paving slabs. We talked about 3D shapes such as the cylinder shape of tree trunks.

One activity involved the children copying the chalk line to make shapes with blocks.

Playdough is always a popular Acorns activity, and this week we challenged the children to make shapes with cutters and playdough mats.

More dough disco this week and the children are starting to remember some of the actions. Repetition is a key component of children’s learning and music always makes things fun.

We had a visit from Gary the handy man this week, he managed to get all his jobs done even with a very interested audience. The children watched intently as he fixed up lots of lovely things in the nursery.

Thank you Gary.

The children have loved the garden this week, no matter what the weather has brought us. At The Acorns we love being outside and really value the importance of outdoor play in our learning environment. We are so very lucky to have an all weather outdoor space and take advantage of being able to use this without restrictions. The children have access to outdoors from first thing and thoroughly benefit from our free flow environment.

Benefits of outdoor play …

•Getting messy and having fun

•Exploring and discovering the natural world

•Promoting awareness of boundaries and limits

•Creating challenges and giving children opportunities to take risks

•Building independence and self esteem

•Being active and keeping fit and healthy

•Developing self confidence

•Promoting better sleep

and we love it!

With the better weather we were able to have a snack in the garden, soon it will be time for picnics!

We have finished our Mother’s Day surprises and hope you have a lovely weekend celebrating with loved ones.

The week is always so busy, full of fun, laughter and smiles so please enjoy these photos of your children doing what they do best playing and having fun!


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