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Week commencing 10th January 2022 - Lindfield.

This week our project has been all about The Arctic.

We have been learning about the weather and the animals we might see if we went to visit.

We were excited to learn about Polar Bears.

We made some brilliant polar bear pictures using white paint and a fork.

We have never painted with forks before and we thought it was very funny.

We know that Polar Bears are very strong.

We did some colouring too and had some very colourful polar bear pictures.

We practised our new song about the children from all around the World.

In the song, we say Hello in different languages.

Have you heard the children singing it at home this week?

We read some special books about visiting The Arctic this week and were so happy that many of the children brought in stories to share too.

We have had lots of cuddles toys brought in this week too which has been great.

Thank you!

Did you know that Penguins aren't from The Arctic?

It is very common to think that they live there but there are no flightless birds there at all.

We had some penguins to play with this week and learned that some penguins live in Antarctica.

We had fun playing in the garden with ice blocks.

The teachers had frozen some animals into cubes of ice and the children we challenged to free the animals.

Some children chose to hit the ice with wood or utensils from the mud kitchen, some chose to smash the ice onto the ground and others found a sunny spot and waited patiently for it to melt in the sunshine.

We noticed that the warmth of our hands was melting the ice.

Soon we were left with puddles of water where the ice had been.

Here are a few more photos from our week -

We had a wonderful week learning about The Arctic and we are excited to continue on our journey around the world, next stop - Italy.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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