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Remembrance @ Westmeston W/C 8-11-21

What a busy week we have had learning about Remembrance Day. We made poppy paintings and poppy sticker pictures, these stickers really made our little fingers work hard.

We listened to a story all about a little girl named Poppy who was also learning about Remembrance Day. Then on our walk we sat down and did a minute silence to remember those lost in the war, just like Poppy from our story.

On our walk the children found lots of ‘treasure’, that they collected and investigated carefully before leaving it where we found it. Mrs Spencer rescued a tiny caterpillar from Finn's hair and the children decided a leaf would be a better place for him to live ‘ he can get big and turn into a butterfly’.

The children also found some sticks that looked like letters.

The children have enjoyed lots of time in the garden this week and the fallen leaves have proven to be lots of fun. They have been used for cooking, digging and raking.

Its lovely to see the children using there imaginations and playing with nature.

Mrs Spencer felt very special when the children made a heart out of leaves.

The children were even happy in the rain and wind.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all for more adventures next week. Mrs Spencer 😀


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