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Week Beginning 16th April 2018 - Westmeston

Welcome back! What a scorching week! We have been very busy and we are so pleased to have new friends to play with from our Lindfield setting and other settings.

We were amazed to see how many flowers have appeared over the Easter break. We saw milk maids and speedwells as well as the usual violets, celandines, daisies and dandelions. Up on the downs the blackthorn is covered in blossom. With the flowers of course come the bees and the other insects all looking for sweet nectar.

The ground is starting to dry up and we have been able

to move resources outside and with so many beautiful trees there is always a shady spot to sit and play or work. Talking of work we have been busy practising our phonic sounds and writing as well as drawing during focus activities and free play. We have used paints, felt pens, pencils and chalk. We played cvc word silly soup! It will be the last term for some of us and we are working hard at every thing to make sure that we are absolutely ready for school. As well as this of course, we need to make sure that we can dress /undress, be independent in the toilet, blow our noses, make friends and cope with change!

On Thursday because the Westmeston Hall was booked for another purpose we were relocated

to the Emmanuel Chapel in Ditchling. We had so much fun! We went for a lovely walk and discovered a playground. It was so hot - possibly the hottest day so we didn't stay outside for long. We had a lovely picnic lunch in the shady car park when we got back. Afterwards Miss Edwards played the piano and we had a little concert, then we all did ballet!

During the week we have been planting seeds. Miss Vincent helped us to plant a selection of seeds in see through bags to see what seeds would grow first. We could already see the roots by the end of the week. The roots are the first part of the seed that grows. Some of us made cress letters in the shape of the first letter of our name. We have even planted sunflower seeds.

Despite the hot and dry weather there were still muddy puddles. Of course we had to walk in them and poke sticks into them. We wondered about where the water might have gone and we talked about evaporation.

Jemima brought in a birds nest for us to look at. We looked in a book to see if we could find out what bird might have made it. Please don't remove birds nests unless you are absolutely sure that it is no longer being used!

On Friday we had toasted marshmallows and a long walk up the mountain and through the woods. As it was so hot we kept to the shade as much as possible and we all wore hats and plenty of sun cream. Some of us made elder bead bracelets and we had to use a tent peg to push the middles out.

All in all, a fabulous week. Finally, although it would appear that Spring is finally here please can you remember to pack long sleeved tops and leggings for us to change into for the walks (named of course). Closed in shoes or trainers as well as wellies too please! It helps to minimise the scratches, knocks, bumps and stings that we could get when we're exploring. Thank you!

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