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Week commencing 11th December 2017 - Lindfield.

WOW! What a busy, fun filled week.

We started the week by decorating a large wooden board with lots of different sized twigs. We tied the twigs (with some help from Mrs Booth) into Christmas tree shapes to put outside for everyone to see.

We worked really hard on it and we had fun measuring the twigs and working out which ones were longer.

We talked about the Christmas trees we have at home. Some children have a fairy on top, others have a star, bow, elf and someone even has a Father Christmas.

Each day we have been busy with Christmas craft activities.

We finished making our cards and calendars.

We enjoyed making reindeer with little red noses just like Rudolph!

We played some board games – pop up pirate is a definite favourite here at The Acorns and the children told us about the games that they hope Father Christmas will bring for them.

“I really hope I do get the game when the cream goes in the dads face. That would be so funny.”

“I need the Thomas game from Father Christmas.”

Each day we have been making reindeer cookies with Miss Whale. We stuck smarties and pretzels onto our cookies to make reindeer faces.

We have enjoyed using festive stamps and ink pads to make lovely pictures too.

We spent time in the garden and had fun on the pirate ship, which has now turned into Father Christmas’s’ sleigh.

It has been a very busy week!

As I write this blog the children are preparing for their Christmas party. Glittery top, bow ties, games and laughter all round.

Today we wave goodbye to Miss Whale who is leaving our staff team, I am sure we all agree that Miss Whale will be missed but we wish her all the very best of luck in her new job and we hope that she will keep in touch.

Thank You for all of the wonderful Christmas gifts, cards and well wishes we have received over the last few weeks. We are a very lucky bunch.

We hope you all have a wonderful break and we look forward to seeing you when we return on the 2nd January.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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