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Welcome Back to The Acorns 25

Welcome back!

We have enjoyed hearing all about your Easter break. The children have enjoyed sharing about their time off during our morning circle time …

“We walked along the cliffs and a man was fixing it”

“I didn’t save any of my chocolate”

“I went swimming” “The water was warm”

“I went on an Easter Egg hunt

“I had a green egg”

“I had red eggs”

“My sister left a carrot for the Easter bunny but he didn’t eat it all just one bite”

The children played some circle games with Mrs Specncer. They had to roll the ball to their friends and say each others names. They played follow my leader where they had to copy all the actions from a leader. There was a lot of jumping, clapping and lying on the floor. It was great to see all the children copying the actions so well.

This week we have enjoyed getting back into our nursery routines and meeting some new friends. A big welcome to those children and families that are joining us this term.

The children helped to clean all the mud kitchen toys. They scrubbed and washed the pots and pans, but mostly enjoyed splashing in the water, making more bubbles and getting wet.

We have loved that some of you have brought in items to share, yummy cakes, stories and games to play. We read the Hungry Caterpillar Christmas story and Hairy Maclary. The children liked the rhyming words in this story and we all chose our favorite cats, Scarface Claw was a popular choice.

Pop up Olaf was lots of fun and really made Mrs Spencer jump, which made the children laugh a lot. It was great to see the children taking turns and playing so nicely in small groups.

A trip around the village as a start to our community topic finished the week perfectly.

If you have any photos of your houses and streets we would love to see them and make a display.

A little reminder to please pack sun cream and hats for the hopefully warmer weather and a plea for some spare trousers for the spares box please.

See you next week.


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