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Welcome Back!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

We have enjoyed hearing all the wonderful stories and have been happy to hear that Father Christmas visited all your houses.

This week it has been lovely to settle the children back into nursery routines and of course welcome new friends. We are pleased to see that the children have bounced bacK full of smiles and happiness.

This terms topic is very exciting and so this week we have started our journey around the world by talking about how we might get to our world destinations.


"Ferry, I go on the ferry to Scotland"

"Aeroplane, I went on a plane it was white and orange"

"Train, a fast train to London"

We have played in our pretend aeroplane and some of us even made passports for our trip.

After looking at some maps and reading some books, the children painted excellent world plates. They had to concentrate hard on making sure they didn’t mix the paint together and lose vision of the green land and blue ocean.

We have had fun learning a new song all about contenients. Maybe they can share it with you?

The children have enjoyed playing outside, a long muddy Friday walk and lots of bike riding.

The children been kind and helpful, working together to tidy up. Thank you.

To end the week we celebrated two birthdays, Happy Belated Birthday Lily and Happy Birthday William. Thank you for the yummy cakes!

We look forward to taking flight around the world and wonder what adventures we will have in our first destinations - The Polar Regions.

Please remember it is cold, wet and very muddy so please pack plenty of warm waterproof clothes and a large plastic bag to put it all in! Thank You Mrs Spencer.


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