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Week commencing March 29th 2021 - Westmeston

This week, our focus was maths - numbers and counting.

We spent the majority of our time outdoors, with the weather being so lovely, and had lots of fun playing with various maths equipment, including numbers puzzles, egg matching and weighing scales.

Of course, the most effective way for children to learn is through active play and our games of hopscotch were a perfect example of this. Children had to roll a dice, read the number and hop for the correct amount of steps.

With it being the final few days of term before Easter, we couldn't resist an Easter Egg number hunt. The children did very well to find 25 eggs that were hidden all around the garden.

To add to the Easter fun, we made egg nests with melted chocolate and rice krispies. All that lovely gooey chocolate smelt delicious and we hope the cakes tasted yummy as well.

We had a short week due to Friday being a Bank Holiday, but that didn't stop us from fitting in lots of outdoor fun and activity, including celebrating a 5th birthday!

We hope you have had a lovely Easter weekend and we look forward to hearing about your holidays when we get back in two weeks' time.


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