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Week commencing 3rd May 2021 - Westmeston

This week our focus was on Communication and Language, specifically understanding.

The children had a go at following some pictorial instructions to build Duplo towers. They did a great job and also enjoyed building their own creations, including a very tall tower!

The building continued outside as the children used tools and hard hats to role play being builders. There was lots of wonderful communication and understanding going on between the children as they worked together to build different structures.

In the summer term, we like to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the garden. We always set up a range of opportunities for the children to engage in reading and mark making and we find they will independently go to these activities throughout the day.

Often we catch lovely unstructured moments such as this; two young friends role playing a teacher reading to the child. There is so much wonderful learning, communication and imagination going on here, it's a pleasure to see.

On Thursday, Westmeston Hall was closed due to local elections, so instead we enjoyed a lovely day out at The Acorns Lindfield. It was lovely to see our friends at our other setting and enjoy the toys and garden they have there. We took some children on a trip to the local park, stopping to see the duck pond on the way. We were delighted to see some ducklings and unhatched eggs on the pond.

The weather was beautiful on Friday and we enjoyed some music in the garden with Miss Matthews who joined us for the day.

We ventured up the mountain for our walk and ran around on the Downs in the glorious sunshine, climbing trees, saying hello to sheep and playing rescue rope on the slope.

We hope the sun continues to shine next week.


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