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Week commencing 31st January 2022 - Lindfield

Ni Hao!

Welcome to our latest blog post.

This week our adventure around the world took us to China.

We have learnt so many things this week and have enjoyed celebrating the Lunar New Year.

It’s the year of the Tiger!

Percy told us all about the Lunar New Year and explained that there was a race between the animals to decide in which order the years would fall.

Do you know what year you were born in ?

We would love to know in the comments - a quick google search will help if you don't already know.

Mrs Franks was born in the year of the goat.

People born in the year of the goat are generally believed to be kind, gentle, mild mannered, stable, kindhearted and amicable.

They are also thought to be creative.

We looked at some Chinese numerals and had a go at painting our ages, we used black paint on white paper. The paintings are great, we did really well.

The numbers are very different to ours; they are made up of lines and shapes. It was lots of fun!

We enjoyed some dancing to traditional Chinese music and we got to take turns wearing a very special costume. The Chinese dragon costume is always such fun and the children loved wearing it.

We ate Chinese food each day this week – the children enjoyed the noodles, rice dishes and the prawn crackers were a big hit.

We also tried Prawn toast, spring rolls and vegetable wontons.

We got some special snacks sent over from a family that go to Westmeston for us to try too – They were very tasty!

Thank you.

We loved learning about pandas that live in china and feast on bamboo.

Many of the children came in wearing clothes with pandas on them.

We made dancing concertina dragons, learning how to carefully make folds in our paper. It was very tricky. We might like to try folding at home.

We also learnt a new song about the Lunar New Year, can we sing it for you?

Lunar New Year, Lunar New Year

Let’s have fun, let’s have fun.

Time for friends and family, time for friends and family

Everyone, everyone.

Lunar new year, Lunar New Year

Hear the drums, hear the drums

See the dragons dancing, see the dragons dancing

Here they come, here they come.

We have had lots of fun in the garden and have enjoyed some glorious weather this week. It has mostly been cold but sunny – perfect.

We even had a winter picnic one day in our sunny garden !!

On Friday, the weather changed and we watched the puddles form inside our tuff spot. We kept coming back to check how much water had gathered and were amazed how quickly it filled up.

We loved splashing in the water when we went out and using cups and buckets to scoop it out.

The pirate ship has been a firm favourite – offering a place to climb, slide, hang out with friends or hide from them.

We enjoyed cooking lots of Chinese dishes in the mud kitchen – noodles, rice, spring rolls as well as the usual cakes and delicious mud soups.

Paint brushes dipped in water in the mark making area gave us plenty of opportunity to practice our name writing and shape drawing.

We also loved balancing on the little wall, trying to travel from one end of the garden to the other without going on the path or grass.

Niya brought in a special puzzle from home which we have enjoyed. The children worked hard as a team to complete the puzzle with only a tiny amount of help from the grown ups.

Well done team and Thank You to Niya for sharing such a fabulous puzzle.

Leo brought in a scratch map for us to keep at The Acorns. He carefully scratched off all of the places we have visited over the last few weeks and will continue to do this each week.

Thank You. What a brilliant idea.

Here are just a few extra pics of our week ...

We hope that you have enjoyed our trip to China and that the children have had lots of fun.

Thank you to everyone who has brought bits in, dressed up, offered ideas and supported us on our Worldwide journey.

Next week we are heading to India and we are super excited !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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