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Week commencing 30th October 2023 - Acorns 25

Welcome to our blog post.

We have had a brilliant week at The Acorns.

The children came dressed with costumes and spooky clothes.

Adorable !

We have enjoyed spending lots of time being creative this week and have made some amazing pictures.

We made spider pictures with our hand prints and used pumpkin seeds as eyes.

They were super spooky !

We enjoyed decorating our pumpkin shapes with black paper for eyes, noses and mouths.

It was a very sticky job !

We drew around a wooden spider web and decorated our pictures with sparkles and glitter.

We talked about fireworks with Mrs Finney and the children got creative using paints, a chopping board and a hammer.

They put paint on the chopping board, placed paper on top and then bashed the paper with the hammer.

Some of the children shared their excitement about going to Lindfield fireworks.

We also made some fireworks pictures using kitchen rolls tubes

We traced rockets - it was very tricky and we concentrated really well whilst trying to follow the lines.

The pictures are displayed in the nursery for all to see.

We spent time in the garden and had fun splashing in muddy puddles.

Please can i ask that everyone brings in named wellies and waterproofs for their children.

We had a lovely walk up Denmans Lane and the children spotted something amazing ...

We spoke about how it is very important not to touch, pick or eat mushrooms unless a grown up has told you it is safe to do so as many varieties can be poisonous.

The children loved splashing in the puddles on the lane and searching for fallen leaves.

In this photo you can see the refection of the tree above.

The children were fascinated by it.

"It's like a mirror."

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thank you for reading our blog post.

Enjoy the fireworks and stay safe.


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