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Week commencing 30th January 2023 - Lindfield 59

This week we have been exploring nature.

Understanding the World – The World (Birth to Five Matters)

We have spent lots of time in the garden searching for signs that spring is on its way.

We found snowdrops peeping up through the ground and our daffodils have grown taller – no flowers yet, but we check every day.

We enjoyed bug hunts – searching for minibeasts under pots.

We found woodlouse, worms, snails and centipedes.

The children then painted insects – ladybirds, spiders, butterflies and bees.

We will display some of the pictures in the library over the next few weeks.

We created our very own spider web using ribbons and strings, winding and weaving them through the branches of our felled apple tree. Great hand-eye coordination as some children attempted to tie knots.

We cooked up some lovely meals in the mud kitchen – soups, pies, cakes and biscuits.

Look what else we found in the kitchen ....

Talking of biscuits .... Chloe's mummy came in to do some baking with us on Wednesday. We helped to measure out the ingredients and mixed them together to form a dough. We used nature themed cutters and our biscuits were shaped like rabbits, acorns, foxes, hedgehogs and butterflies. We decorated our biscuits with choc chips and/or raisins. They were very yummy!

Thank you to Claire for coming in to spend the morning with us. We had a great time.

If you would like to come in to lend a hand or share a skill we are always happy to welcome you.

Please speak to Mrs Franks if you wish to visit during the day.

We also made a treat for the birds this week – special cupcakes full of seeds and fats for the birds to enjoy. Did you hang it in your garden? We would love to see pictures.

We had a special delivery of some new toys and equipment – we were super excited to open the box to see what was inside.

A wobble board.

Some new magnetic whiteboards and chalk boards.

Some floppy whiteboards.

Thank you Mrs Irwin !!

We have talked a lot this week about kindness and how important it is for us to respect our friends wishes.

We played friendship games which led to some interesting conversations.

Ask your children to sing the 'Please Stop' song for you.

It is great to hear them singing it to each other when they need a little bit more space – using the song with lots of confidence to help them self-advocate for their own feelings and needs.

Please Stop !

I don’t like that,

I’m feeling uncomfortable,

I need more space.

We will continue to work on this – as always.

We look forward to more fun, games and exploration next week at The Acorns 59

Have a very happy weekend everyone and thank you for reading our blog post.

If you would like to see anything particular in the blog, please just ask.

Also - if you would like to change your photo permissions at any time, please speak to Mrs Franks.

Thank you.


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