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Week commencing 19th Feb 2024 - Acorns 25

Hello Everyone.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week.

We welcomed Ms Anna Chadd to the team at Acorns 25 this week.

Anna has worked in Early Years for many years (She worked with Mrs Franks 20 years ago) and is excited to join us at The Acorns and to begin her Level 3 training.

The children were excited to share stories about their week with us.

We were sad that pancake day fell within the half term so we recreated it for the children in the tuff tray.

We have been learning all about Hungary this week as part of our 'Around the World' project.

Did you know that the Rubiks cube was invented by a Hungarian called Erno Rubik.

The children had a go at making their own cubes, learning about shapes and colours.

The used magnetic blocks to build their cubes.

We also printed and painted square shapes and folded paper in to cube shapes.

We celebrated the end of winter and welcomed in the spring - this is tradition in Hungary.

During Fansang people dress up, wear headbands and costumes.

Bianka brought in some headbands for us to wear. We danced to traditional Hungarian music.

One song was a mouse singing and playing a violin and the other was about a chimney sweep and bringing good luck.

We did an experiment with water and paper flowers.

The children carefully placed their paper flowers in the water and watched in amazement as the petals unfolded and opened up.

The children enjoyed eating Hungarian foods, particularly the crepes on Friday.

The children chose from different fillings.

We made some yummy coconut balls called kokuszgolyo.

Bianka kindly made the dough for us.

The children rolled the dough into balls and coated them with coconut.

Bianka also did some Hungarian nursery rhymes with the children.

Thank you so much for coming in Bianka and for helping out this week with our planning and providing resources for the children.

We really appreciate everything you have done to support our learning.

Here are a few more pictures from our week.

Next week we will be travelling to Kenya.

We look forward to lots of fun and exciting activities.


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