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Week commencing 2nd November - Westmeston

This week our focus has been on communication and understanding. We have also been celebrating Bonfire Night with lots of wonderful art work. The children had to listen carefully to the instructions on how to complete the art activities.

On Tuesday we produced salt fireworks with paint. The children spread glue on to their paper in a firework shape, covered it in salt, shook off the excess then added colours with pipettes. The result were some lovely, if rather messy, textured pictures.

On Friday we produced some excellent rocket pictures which again involved lots of instructions and different skills. First the children cut out squares of paper, then stuck them in a rocket shape.

Then the children had the challenge of either writing their names on the rocket, or finding the correct letter stickers to spell their names.

Finally they added stars to the background and glittery details to make the rocket blast off! We think the final pictures looked wonderful.

On Thursday we had fun producing some more freestyle Bonfire Night pictures using pipettes and forks to create fireworks scenes.

We have been so lucky with the weather this week and the leaves that have fallen over the half term break have provided us with lots of entertainment. The children enjoyed being hibernating hedgehogs as they lay down and asked to by covered with leaves! It was fun to do the covering and the hibernating, although the hedgehogs didn't hibernate for very long!

It is always fun to kick and jump in piles of crunchy leaves and we enjoyed doing lots of these activities this week.

The teachers were put to work raking the leaves on the car park to make a track for bikes and scooters. It was great for practising steering control and another way to have fun with autumn leaves!

As part of our communication and understanding focus, the children were thrilled to find a treasure hunt laid out for them one afternoon. They had to follow a trail of stick arrows around the garden and were finally led to some hidden edible treasure - the best sort! We were pleased with how the children worked as a team and allowed everyone to find an arrow. They enjoyed their well deserved treasure!

The children also showed excellent team work whilst building a house structure in the garden. They held pieces in place and fetched blocks for each other - great communication and understanding!

On our Friday walk, we visited the horses in a nearby field. They seemed so big compared to some of our smallest children but they were very gentle and friendly.

This particular walk involved climbing over lots of styles and walking (or running) across open fields which the children persevered well with.

And of course it wouldn't be a Friday walk without a play in the woods!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you all for some more Acorns fun next week.


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