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Week Commencing 2nd November 2020 - Lindfield.

Welcome to our latest blog post.

We have had lots of fun this week at The Acorns.

It’s been cold but sunny and we have enjoyed lots of time outside in our garden.

We ran, jumped and skipped around the garden.

We climbed on the pirate ship and climbing frame.

We enjoyed sliding down the slippery slide.

We made marks with chalk and water on the chalk board.

We dined on the finest mud cakes and pies that were made in the mud kitchen.

We also searched the garden for ‘power conkers’ to make our super heroes faster and stronger than ever before.

Indoors, we enjoyed lots of craft activities.

We made fireworks and fantastic space rockets using bits from our junk modelling box.

We made amazing sparklers using strips of brightly coloured paper and double sided sticky tape.

We even made a giant bonfire picture with bits of tissue and crepe paper.

We used paint dabbers and special crayons to add some sparkle

We worked together as a team to create the huge piece of art that is now displayed on the garage door outside for everyone to see.

We enjoyed our music sessions. We played instruments and learnt some new songs this week about Fireworks.

We enjoyed puzzles and games this week.

In this game you have to sort the pieces into colour sets before joining them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

We played with the electronic/battery operated toys this week, carefully listening to instructions to see if we could make them function.

We talked about the fireworks we have seen/heard.

“Gina had a Bonfire and I put my Guy in.”

“If I sat on a rocket I would go whizz, pop, bang and go to space”

“Fireworks are pretty but they are too loud”

On Friday the children were talking about bonfires and fireworks and then their conversations lead them to discuss volcanoes and lava.

We then decided to make a Volcano statue, again working together in a group to create an amazing sculpture for us all to enjoy.

“It’s a cone shape.”

“It has a hole in the top where the lava comes out.”

“Lava is made from rock.”

Rafe told us about an experiment he had done at home using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

We are going to do that next week as we didn’t have enough bicarb to try it today.

Watch this space!

Have an excellent weekend everyone.

Stay safe and we will see you all next week.


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