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Week commencing 27th November 2023 - Acorns 25

Welcome to our blog post.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week.

This week we have been super busy and have started to make some Christmas crafts.

The children have made some wonderful snowman pictures.

Some of the children used scissors to cut around snowman shapes and used sticky glue to attach hats, carrot noses and eyes, whilst some children chose to paint their snowman instead.

We made Christmas tree pictures using a fork – it created lovely branches and the children thought it was really funny to be painting with a fork.

We have decorated the pictures with sparkles.

We enjoyed lots of time outdoors.

It has been really chilly and we experimented with ice.

Mrs Voller put creatures in water and froze it – the children experimented with ways of releasing the animals.

The water in the tough tray also froze.

“We need it to melt.”

“We can bash it.”

“Its coming out … I can do it.”

We enjoyed a lovely walk and noticed that some people are beginning to decorate their houses for Christmas.

Many of the shops on the high street have been decorated too.

We loved spotting the pretty lights.

We had a great time playing small group games - pop up pirate was soo much fun.

The children took turns and celebrated each others moves.

Well done.

Next week we will continue to create Christmas crafts and learn our Christmas songs.

We would appreciate you practicing them at home with the children.

Jingle bells in a firm favourite !

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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