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Week commencing 26th April 2021 - Westmeston

Welcome to our Week 2 blog.

This week we have been focusing on Personal, Social and Emotional Development, specifically managing feelings and behaviours.

Throughout the week, we read a selection of wonderful books that address all sorts of feelings. We discussed what we could do if we're feeling angry and cross and practised some calming breaths. The children made paper windmills to help them focus on breathing deeply.

We practised some other calming activities, such as yoga. We had some yoga instruction cards to help us, but the children were very keen to show off the moves that they know.

We had plenty of outdoor fun in the garden with dinosaurs, play food, music making and the mud kitchen.

We had a lovely walk to the woods at the end of the week. We noticed how the area where we stop to play was looking much greener than when we last visited, before Easter.

The children always enjoy looking for empty snail shells hidden on the woodland floor. It's like searching for treasure!

During the afternoon the children played with clay. They investigated making different models using sticks, flowers and toy dinosaurs and even decorated some trees with clay.

What a lot of activity! It's a good job we had a hammock for a restful lie down!

We hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.


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