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Week commencing 26th April 2021 - Lindfield.

This week our focus was Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Managing feelings and behaviours.

This is the what we observed ...

*Can the children express their feelings?

*Do they respond to the feelings of others?

*Do they try to help or comfort a friend in distress?

*Do they cooperate with boundaries and routines?

*Can they tolerate delay when their needs are not immediately met?

*Do they understand that their own actions affect others?

*Can they negotiate?

The teachers are busy behind the scenes writing the children's new term profiles, please (if you haven't already) send your paper work in as soon as possible. I think there are a few outstanding.

The paper work that you complete each term forms a base for the profiles we write for the children, this together with our knowledge and observations allow us to decide on personalised 'next steps' in learning.

If you have any questions regarding the Early Years Foundation Stage or Development Matters please speak to Mrs Franks who will be happy to discuss it with you.

On Monday we celebrated Lily of the Valley Day. In France it is tradition on the 1st May to give friends a bouquet of Lily of the Valley flowers.

This tradition dates back to medieval times but didn't become an official celebration until 1561.

We painted our own Lily of the Valley flowers using green stems and white paint.

Some children used their fingers to make prints, whilst others used the end of a pencil.

We enjoyed 2 lovely long walks this week where we visited the allotments, the duck pond, the high street and the park.

At the allotments we saw people getting their soil ready to plant the season’s vegetables.

We will do some planting soon at The Acorns.

At the park we had fun on the swings, roundabouts, climbing equipment and also the spinner!

At the duck pond we saw some baby moorhens. They were so tiny!

We watched them swim across the pond to meet the ducks. Quack Quack!

We spent lots of time in the garden this week enjoying the lovely sunshine.

Rafe made some paper aeroplanes to fly around the garden.

We managed to get a picture of one in flight!

We also got several hundred photos where we missed the plane ....

"Can you just take one more Mrs Franks ... Can I see it? .... Oh No, you might have to try again."

We made wrap pizzas for tea one day which were very yummy.

We enjoyed music sessions with Miss Matthews, we played a game where we put lots of soft cuddly toys onto a blanket and we all held onto it as Miss Matthews played her guitar, moving our arms up and down and the soft toys went flying! We all laughed soo much.

Annalise brought us something very special ...

Thank you for sharing these amazing nests with us. We have enjoyed looking at them, touching them and drawing them.

House keeping ...

Has anyone taken home a pair of size 10 Gruffalo boots. We have a smaller pair left at The Acorns but Rafes have gone missing. His name is written on the inside.

We are also searching for 2 Acorns jumpers - Jaspers name should be on the tags.

Thank you in advance for checking your bags :)

We have had a wonderful week at The Acorns and we hope you have enjoyed reading about it.

Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday for another week of fun, laughter and learning.


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