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Week commencing 24th January 2022 - Lindfield.

G’day !

Our trip around the world led us to Australia to this week.

We have had a wonderful week and have enjoyed lots of fun activities, games, crafts and snacks!

We were very thankful to receive a huge box of goodies from Finley’s Auntie Jackie who lives in Australia.

She sent us soo many things - decorations, stickers, flip flops, vegemite, Tim tams, bugs, koala, hats etc.

The children were super excited to open the box and to see what was inside.

We loved making pictures with the stickers, the koala bear ones were super cute and we were interested to see some of the animals that live in Australia.

We have learnt about koala bears and kangaroos, spiders, kookaburras, dingos, wombats and many more.

We decorated some boomerangs to display in the nursery.

We learnt about an indigenous art form - dot painting.

We had to concentrate really well and the activity took quite a time to complete, but was worth it to see the amazing pictures we made.

We celebrated Australia day on Wednesday with a visit from Finley’s Nan who brought us in some freshly made lamingtons. They were scrummy! Thank You.

We also had a very special face time call with Auntie Jackie in Australia.

She was joined by Miss Winmar, a friend who is a Kindergarten teacher.

If you ever visit Perth be sure to visit Coogee Beach Bakery and say hello.

We had lots of very interesting questions to ask her.

Whilst preparing for the call, we discussed what we might ask auntie Jackie and Miss Winmar- all very serious and hard hitting questions. Whats the weather like? Have you ever seen a koala? Do you have a swimming pool ? Can we come and visit?

In realty, this is what we asked ...

How do you spell ‘Cat’ in Australia? (Jack B)

What do dinosaurs look like in Australia? (Finley P)

We enjoyed lots of yummy Australian treats this week – the Tim tams were delicious, the vegemite was tasty and the fairy bread was … interesting.

The children brought in soo many things this week to share. We had postcards, photos, artwork, books, cuddly toys, clothing and hats.

On Thursday we had a mummy some to chat to us who had travelled around Australia, she had done some work in a Koala hospital and had helped to set one free back into the wild after rehabilitation. She showed us lots of photographs and we enjoyed listening to her read a story.

Thank you to everyone for getting involved.

We spoke about the Great Barrier Reef, the sea life, fish and coral. We know that we have to look after our oceans to save the coral & marine life.

We loved trying to play the didgeridoo that Mrs Harsent brought in … its very tricky to get a sound out.

We played Tennis in the garden and our teachers told us about The Australian Open which has been on the news a lot recently.

Tennis is quite tricky for us, but its great for our hand/eye coordination.

We had lots of fun outsiden this week, here are a few pics.

Next week we are going to China and will be celebrating the Lunar New Year. We hope you will come along on our journey.

If you have lived in, or visited China and would like to come in to chat to us please speak to Mrs Franks.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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