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Week commencing 24th April 2023 - Acorns59

Welcome to this weeks blog post.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week at The Acorns 59.

Fire Drill Week –

We have practised our fire drills every day this week.

When the children hear the loud alarm they know to stop playing and listen carefully to the teachers. The teachers tell them what door they need to go to and everyone walks there together safely and quickly.

We counted the children as they went out the door and then called everyone’s names to check them off against our register.

The children were reassured that everyone was safe and that we were just practicing, in case one day we need to get out the building quickly.

“You need to ring three nines – nine nine nine”

“We might need to call the fire engines to come with a hose”

“We only call 999 in a real emergency”

The children have a good understanding of who else we might need in an emergency and a lot of our play this week centered around people who can help us.

This tied in nicely with our project this half term – Our Community.

We told the children about Mrs Mundy’s husband who is a firefighter. He drives the Fire Engine and helps lots of people. Sometimes he is called out to fires, other times its to help people who have got stuck somewhere or even to get a cat down from the top of a tree or a tall building.

We dressed up as Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers and Firefighters.

Using stickle-bricks, duplo and magnets the children also built some fabulous models of fire engines, ambulances and stations.

We made some fresh playdough and the children loved playing whilst it was still warm from the pan.

They used their hands as tools to shape the dough as well as rolling pins and cutters.

We even used scissors to snip the dough. Brilliant play for developing fine motor skills.

If you would like our home made playdough recipe please ask Mrs Franks who will be happy to share it with you.

We have completed our drawings for the tea towel order and they will be sent away this weekend. We hope the towels will be available to order soon.

The children worked very hard on the drawings.

We have been keeping a check on our tadpoles each day which are happily swimming around. We are so excited to watch them turn into frogs.

We enjoyed a real mixed bag of weather this week.

Wind, Sunshine, Rain and Hail but it didn't stop us from spending lots of time in the garden.

Our plants are all growing and our potatoes needed re soiling too.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns Team.


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