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Week commencing 23rd November 2020 – Lindfield.

Welcome to the blog.

This week our focus has been Physical Development – Health and Self-care.

We have been observing the children to find out …

Can they feed themselves or do they rely on adult help?

Can they clearly communicate a wet or soiled nappy?

Are they independent in their toileting procedures and can they wash their hands?

Can they dress themselves and put on their own boots & coats?

Do they understand the need for exercise/sleep/hygiene routines?

Are they beginning to recognise danger?

Can they make healthy choices?

Please feel free to ask Mrs Franks if you have any questions regarding the EYFS, Development Matters or our own Observation books.

This week we have enjoyed lots of yummy scrummy lunches, packed full of nutrients that are good for our bodies.

We have enjoyed lots of healthy vegetables and delicious fruits.

We will be finalising our menu for next term soon so please send in any menu ideas you want to share.

On Friday we had red lentil bolognese for lunch, it was super tasty and the children (mostly) ate really well.

This meal was a suggestion from a parent a few terms ago.

We have been tending to our magic beans each and every day.

Last Friday the roots were beginning to grow and push through from the shell of the bean. It looked like this ….

And today, only one week later … It looks like this!

The roots are getting longer and the stem has grown tall and strong. The baby leaves are growing and opening up each day.

We have been amazed at how quickly our beans have grown and can’t wait to see what happens next week.

We are beginning to think about Christmas … We know it’s early but we only have three weeks left until the end of term and the teachers have soo many craft ideas for us to get through.

This week we made Penguins, Snowmen and Mrs Franks made us a Father Christmas advent calendar. We will add white puffy bits to his beard each day starting from next Tuesday to help us count down until he visits.

Our snowmen are super cute! The children wrote/traced their names onto white pieces of paper that had been cut out into circle shapes. We then decorated a face with googly eyes, a hat and a carrot nose before sticking them together to create these masterpieces!

We are super proud of them.

Rafe brought in some dino cards to share with his friends and we decided to make some together. The teachers found some dinosaur stickers for us to use.

We spent lots of time in the garden this week, It is getting wetter and muddier each day.

We enjoyed time on the pirate ship, climbing frame, mud kitchen, see-saws, steppers, balancing wall and had lots of fun running around the garden loop.

Our favourite thing to do in the childminding time is to play with torches when it gets dark outside. We go in search of mini beasts hiding under plant pots.

We enjoyed music sessions with Miss Matthews this week. Our letter of the week was J and she taught us a new song that had lots of words beginning with that letter. Can we sing it for you at home?

We had fun dressing up this week. It is great practise for us to get in and out of the costumes by ourselves.

Does your child dress themselves in the morning? We would love to know.

The teachers at Westmeston sent over some toys for us to enjoy this week.

We were so happy to play with this harbour set. We had fun sailing the ships around our shiny tinfoil sea and we talked about how the ships are guided by the lighthouse.

Thank you Westmeston!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our week.

Please leave us a little comment on on post so we know we are reaching you and if you have any suggestions on things you would like to see more or less of within the blog please let us know.

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone!


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