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Week commencing 22nd February 2021 - Lindfield.

What a glorious week!

It feels like spring has arrived at The Acorns.

When we arrived on Monday we were greeted with soo many beautiful flowers.

Mrs Irwin's kitchen looked like a florist.

She had lots of tulips and daffodils for us to look at and enjoy.

We decided it would be fun to make our own daffodil pictures which we have now displayed in the kitchen.

We used sticky glue and coloured card to create these beautiful bright pictures.

We have been learning about the different parts of a flower.

*The stem

*The leaves

*The petals.

Jasper brought something very special in to share with us, an erupting volcano!

We love science experiments and were really grateful that he chose to share this with us at The Acorns.

We watched carefully as the ‘lava’ bubbled up and spilled over the volcano walls.

We also got to look at some real volcanic rock! Awesome!!

The sun was shining and we have spent lots of time outside this week.

The mud kitchen has new wood chip on the ground which is brilliant for digging in !

We made some amazing cakes and pies in there this week.

The new wood chip has been a welcome addition - allowing the children to pour, measure and spoon their ingredients into our huge bowls and pans.

We had fun on bikes and trikes, the pirate ship and of course on the slide.

We found a giant pine cone which we enjoyed rolling down the slide to see how fast it would go.

Our letter of the week is ‘S’

S is for the snowdrops that we planted and took home.

S is for the seeds that we are going to plant soon. We found these in the garden and think we might be able to grow a giant beanstalk!

We rolled on with our flower theme and made some lolly pop stick flowers, some finger painted flowers and we have been deciding what we might like to grow in our garden.

We will start planting soon, once we are sure that we won’t have any more early morning frosts.

S is for sunflowers.

S is for strawberries.

We got some of our giant blocks out to build with – we worked hard as a team to create ramps and towers with them.

We need to ask a favour … our beautiful blocks were packed away so well the last time we used them that many of them seem to be wedged in the storage box.

We tried to use a mallet to loosen them but sadly none of the teachers were strong enough.

Do we have a super strong Mummy or Daddy that might be able to help us next week?

Please speak to Mrs Franks if you think you might be able to help us out.

Rafe said that his Dad might be able to help because …

“He is even strong enough to lift a whole mattress.”

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our week at The Acorns.

Here are just a few more pictures …

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Stay Safe.


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