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Week Commencing 20.03.23 - Acorns 25

Gardening week at The Acorns 25 has seen a lot of rain.

Luckily the children came to The Acorns prepared with wet weathers and welly boots.

The teachers decided to add more water to the mix by putting out a big tray of water complete with sea creatures and lots of toys for pouring and filling. The children loved making the water spill out through the funnels and nets while some really got stuck in jumping and splashing.

The children love planting, so as the growing season officially begins we have planted some cress and sunflowers seeds.

By Friday the cress had already started to sprout, the children watered it ready for the weekend and we hope that on Monday we can see that it has grown some more.

The sunflowers will take longer but we are looking forward to watching them grow and seeing how tall they can get.

We have been learning about the things that a plant needs to help it grow strong and healthy.

The children have made some garden pictures, by cutting and sticking pictures from some magazines.

We know that we must hold scissors carefully and the teachers have been amazed by our cutting and snipping skills.

We also used some Duplo to make pretty block gardens.

Our younger children found a book with a lots of garden words and pictures. We identified each item on the page and practiced saying new words as a group.

On Thursday we had a fire drill and the children showed just how well they could listen as they exited the building quickly and calmly. They waited patiently while Mrs Spencer counted them and called the register. Then we talked about the sound we had heard and who we should call, and the number we use. Today was just a drill so we returned to the building to play and have fun.

Here are a few more photos from our week.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our time at The Acorns.


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