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Week Commencing 1st March - Westmeston

This week our focus was Expressive Art and Design – being imaginative.

The children certainly used some great imagination with their dressing up this week. We saw a wonderful range of fancy dress outfits and lots of excellent book characters for World Book Day on Thursday.

Junk modelling is a good way for children to express their creativity and they often make models that the teachers would never think to make. In addition to their imagination, they also use a variety of practical skills such as cutting, sticking and drawing.

To celebrate World Book Day, as well as dressing up as book characters, we made some book marks using stickers, stamps and ribbon. Books are such an important part of our day at Westmeston. Children often go to the book corner to look at a book quietly or share a story with a friend. And if a teacher begins to read a story in the book corner, it is not long before a group of children has gathered, wanting to listen and enjoy the book. After lunch, we have quiet time when the children are encouraged to look at books before having story time with a teacher. We love to see the children independently engaged in the pictures and turning the pages to follow the story.

Our imagination and creativity always extends to our outdoor play. The children worked as a team to build a fantastic structure from linking blocks. They decided it was a dog's kennel and were highly engaged in a role play game involving pets and owners.

Music is another important creative art that we explore and incorporate into our everyday activities at The Acorns with songs playing a vital part of our daily routines. On Thursdays, Miss Matthews does a wonderful job of furthering children's passion and excitement for music with her fantastic songs and selection of instruments.

On Friday we used the beautiful spring flowers in our garden as an inspiration for some artwork. The children used tissue paper and pom poms to make their own spring flower pictures and took great interest in the flowers growing outside as well.

We ventured up onto the South Downs again this week for more fun climbing in trees and rolling down hills.

Despite the chillier weather this week, the children have had a lovely time playing in the garden.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and have enjoyed reading all about our week at The Acorns Westmeston.


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