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Week commencing 18th January 2021 - Lindfield.

Wow! What a busy week.

We have enjoyed lots of fun, activities and laughter this week at The Acorns in Lindfield.

We made some beautiful brightly coloured paintings with Mrs Franks using a tray and some balls.

First we had to put our paper into the tray before splashing in some paint. There were lots of colours to choose from.

We then threw in some balls. Some children chose two balls and others decided to have three.

We held onto the tray and moved in around allowing the balls to roll over the paint and leave tracks on the paper.

Our traditional story is ‘The little red hen’

In the story the little hen bakes some bread, asking friends to help along the way. The farmyard friends don’t help the hen at all so when the bread is baked and the friends come asking to help eat it, the little red hen refuses and says “I will eat it all by myself.”

We worked as a team to bake bread with Miss Reay.

We measured out the ingredients, mixed them together and then kneaded the dough.

We shared the bread out at snack time and everyone thought it was delicious!

In the garden we searched for ice … look what we found.

The ice was super cold and it made our fingers feel tingly.

When we held the ice we noticed how fast it melted.

“Ice is water.”

“Mummy has ice in her drinks.”

“Can I eat it?”

“Ice looks like glass.”

We had fun playing on ride on toys, the climbing frame, on the see-saws, in the mud kitchen and of course on the pirate ship and slide.

indoors, we used the peg boards to help strengthen our finger muscles and to work on our fine motor skills whilst creating lovely pieces of art.

We built structures with magnetic shapes - using our own imagination and creativity.

We describe to the teachers what we made and how they work.

We did some work on the computer and had fun pretending it was our Acorns Office.

We did some more painting, this time with brushes.

We mixed some of the colour to create other colours.

“It’s like magic.”

“How do you make orange?”

We celebrated Annalise’s 4th Birthday with an amazing cake and we all joined in to sing to her.

Annalise brought in some packets of sunflower seeds for her friends. We are excited to see how tall the flowers will grow in the spring/summer.

We enjoyed music sessions with Miss Matthews. We are learning so many new songs.

We listen carefully to the instructions and we love to strum on the guitar and bang on the drums.

Do we sing any of The Acorns songs at home?

Do any of our parents play any musical instruments? We would love to know.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our week and we look forward to more fun next week.

Look out for an invitation in your email inbox soon inviting you to attend a zoom meeting next Thursday. evening at 8pm. This is for families who are new to The Acorns from September 2020 onwards.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Stay safe!


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