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Week commencing 17th May 2021 - Westmeston

This week our focus was maths - shape, space and measure.

The children explored the measuring tapes and the numbers on them. They also created shapes with the wooden blocks and twigs from the garden.

The children were highly engaged investing the different shapes they could make using the large building blocks. They were able to create all sorts of 3D shapes and we discussed the mathematical names such as cube, pyramid and even triangular prism!

We got busy planting some sunflowers and helped Mrs Spencer to make a special sunflower measuring stick! We wonder how tall they will grow.

For our Friday craft activity we used paper shapes to make colourful collages.

There was lots of fun to be had in the garden this week, whatever the weather! We were delighted to see the return of our resident toad who lives under one of the logs in the wooded area. Can you spot it amongst the mud?

It was such a windy day on Friday! So much so, that we couldn't go to the woods for our walk because of the risk of falling branches. However, we busied ourselves very nicely at the hall.

We were able to continue our learning about measures by baking banana muffins. The children helped to weigh out dry ingredients and measure the liquids in a measuring jug. There was also lots of mashing and mixing to be done.

We had the muffins with our afternoon snack. They were yummy!

In the garden, Miss Matthews, Miss Sargent and the children had a go at creating some large bubbles. With a bit of perseverance and experimentation, they managed to get some good results, although we came to the conclusion that it was a bit too windy!

Another windy day activity that we all enjoyed was making ribbon flags with sticks. The children had fun seeing the ribbons flap in the strong wind and dancing around with them to Miss Matthews' drum beat.

Let's hope for some spring sunshine in the last week before our half term break.


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