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Week commencing 17th June 2024 - Acorns 25 & 59 combined.

Welcome to this week’s blog post


We hope you enjoy reading about our week.


This week we have combined the blogs from Acorns 25 and 59.


Our theme for the week has been vehicles and machinery – we have talked a lot about the vehicles used on farms and how crops are harvested using special tools and tractors.

We also spoke about how the crops might travel across the world – perhaps on planes, boats and lorries.

The children were interested in all sorts of vehicles so we also spoke about bikes, helicopters, diggers & trains.

“Fire engines are red and goes Beep Beep!”    - SC @ 25

“Police car is blue and white with flashing lights”  - AS @25

We had some colouring sheets with different farm vehicles for us to colour with pencils and pens.

We learned about combine harvesters, ploughs and planters.

We read stories in both settings about vehicles used on the farm.

At 25, they enjoyed a Topsy and Tim story.

Topsy and Tim went to the farm and there were lots of jobs to be done.  Whilst reading the book to the children passed around a tractor for everyone to look at.

The children counted the wheels and noticed the different sizes.

We then rolled the tractor in paint and made tyre print pictures.

At number 59 – Mrs Drake made some silos – we filled the silo with chick peas and then dumped the peas out into our trucks for transporting.

“This silo has grain inside.”  RS

“This one has got food for the cows.”  RJR


Its been a hot week so the flowers and plants at both nurseries needed watering.

At number 59 the children did some foot prints to then make into tractors.

“Its slimy.”  RP

“It’s a bit wet.” AS

The children at 25 enjoyed a walk on Thursday to see if they could spot any vehicles out on the road.

Look what they spotted ...

They also said hello to the ducks and checked to see what was growing in the allotment.

We used vehicles stencils and used pencils to trace the outlines.

The children at 59 made paper planes - carefully folding their own paper.

They listened well to instructions and we had a huge paper plane race in the garden afterwards.

 Here are a selection of other photos from our week.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Thank you reading our blog.

See you next week.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns Team.


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